Installing Garage Door 

Middletown garage door installation
Residential garage door installation

Before Installing a garage door, we should consider all measures prior the job, height and width as well as the highest point of the ceiling and the space of the back room, matching the length of the garage door to be able to fit into that space. Depending on the hardware and springs system, we must leave a right space between the ceiling and the door.

Our company has made many garage door installation for customers around Middletown Township, NJ. And by hiring us for new garage door installation, you can be sure we will have no mistakes, and the door will be installed in the most professional way, to be able to serve you the at best way and safe way – for years to come.  

Garage Door Replacements

Is it about time replacing your garage door? We will provide you with the best solution for garage door replacement, as well as disposal service for your old garage door. We guarantee a one-day installation, so you won’t have any situation having your garage door open and unsafe during the night.

We hold a large stock of 9×7 and 16×7 garage doors, so as long as we are talking about a standard garage door, it can be done at the same day.

Custom Wood Garage Doors 

Wood garage door, Middletown NJ.
Wooden Garage Door

No doubt – wooden garage door will upgrade the look of your house and also its market value. A wood garage door provides the beauty of natural wood to your house. A wooden door is sturdy and heavy and also preventing outside noises.
There are endless possibilities in all regards for brands and styles and also the type of wood. Other than installing custom wood garage doors, we also do replace broken sections as providing you the correct size and color of the old part.

Wooden garage door must be maintained to prevent any rot and cracks, and the best way to do it is by painting the door once in every 1-3 years.

If you’re interested and have a wish to replace your existing garage door to a new beautiful custom wood door, we are welcoming you to contact us for a free consultation and no obligation, to help you find the best suitable wood garage door for you.