Garage Door Spring

Replacing garage door spring, shouldn’t be done by anyone who was not trained and has no qualification for garage door repair. You may find a handyman who may do it for you, for half price than what a professional company will charge you – but you must know that you also put yourself and your family at a high risk of fatal injured or even death! Garage door springs are working under a massive tension power and must be installed only by qualified and certified technicians – That is also the reason why you can’t buy garage springs at a retail store.


How to know if your garage door spring had broke?

  • When garage spring breaks, you will hear a loud sound which will leave you without any doubt. Don’t use the door before you have checked the springs system. 
  • If you try operating the door and it makes a weird sound, unbalanced or it stuck while working – Stop the use of the door immediately, to avoid additional damage.  
  • If the opener can’t lift the door as it always used to be.

Important: When having a broken spring, you must not use your garage door. If you do, you can (will) cause additional damage to your opener system, as well as the pulleys and tracks.

Never try to replace garage door springs by yourself!

Torsion Spring:

Garage door spring repair, Middletown NJ.
Torsion Spring

Torsion spring considered as “Heavy Duty,” mostly will be found on heavy doors, like two car garage or wooden doors. Usually located above the door and may have one or two sets of springs. A torsion spring will have a metal rod inside the spring and while working it generate a large energy to support the heavy weight of the door. The prices for replacing torsion spring are various because it has many different sizes per many types of doors and hardware. A torsion spring should last 3-5 years.


Extension Spring:

Garage door extension spring, Middletown NJ.
Extension Spring

Extension spring, in most cases, will be installed on each side of your garage door.
When operating the door, the springs will get extended up to a position where it carries the most weight of the door, helping the motor to lift the door up. Standard extension spring repair should cost $70-$125, per spring, mostly depend on its sizes and labor.


Broken garage door cable

Cables for garage doors, Middletown NJ.
Garage door cables

Garage door cables are attached to the springs by a pulley, pulling it while the opener is working. The cable is actually operating the springs and must be aligned with the other wire on both sides. As long as one of the cables got damaged, the door will lose it balance what will cause to one side of the door to be lifted when losing power on the other side. Also, There are safety cables which will hold the door from falling when the spring is breaking.