Garage Door Maintenance and Lubrication

Garage Door Maintenance and Lubrication

Any Garage Door should have maintenance service every 6 Months to maintain its long life operation and to keep it up and running with fewer noises and malfunctioning. In this article, you will get to learn how to DIY a general routine Garage Door Maintenance. If you need professional assistance – Please contact our company for scheduling appointment for Maintenance service on your garage door – Our basic price for Maintenance service on a garage door is starting at $99 and includes more than we explain in this article.

Before you start working on your garage door, please do the following:

Use a safety Gloves.
Do Visual Inspection: Check the door hardware, cables, rollers, and drums. Make sure to check that the cable loop is attached correctly to the cable bracket.
Release the door from the garage door opener. When you do so – In any point, the door should not fall or fly up and if you release the door and it Goes Up – Your spring is to tie. If it Slide Down – Your spring is Loose. In that case, we do not recommend to adjust the spring by yourself and instead you will need professional assistance to adjust the spring.


For lubrication, we recommend using standard Lithium Grease. You can buy it at Home Depot. We will want to spray all moving parts – Garage Door has many moving parts that cause a high friction of metal to metal and also noises. Make sure to spray:
Rollers: Spray inside the roller ball bearings and the shafts.

Lubricate roller on garage door
Lubricate Rollers

Lubricate of torsion spring: If your door works with a torsion spring, you will need to spray the coil from one side to the other side. Spray the shaft where it passes to the End Bearing of the Spring, do it on the center bearing and shaft as well.

End bearing on torsion spring
Lubricate End Bearing On Torsion Spring


Lubricate torsion spring on garage door
Lubricate The Torsion Spring

Check and Tighten all Fasteners

Sometimes the door hinges get loose, and that can lead to bigger problems. To prevent any future failure make sure that all fasteners are tight correctly.

Garage Door Hinges
Tie The Hinges

Misaligned tracks

If your overhead door makes a grinding noises when you operate it, be sure it is because of high friction of metal to metal – and it is because of a misaligned tracks. If it does make that noise, take a look at both tracks, look for little bent on it, and if you do find that point, you can unscrew the track and adjust it correctly.

Garage Door Opener (Chain)

Chain gets fatigue over time and therefore will need to be adjusted back again. A loose chain can hit the piece of track around it and will sound like a knocking on metal. To solve it, you can tie the chain in a very simple way – Make sure not to stretch it too much, what can cause fatal damage to the gear of your garage door opener.

After finishing all the above, you will need to re-attach the door to the arm of the opener. Now, open and close the door and check its functionality – It should operate smoother and quieter.
For more information or to schedule maintenance service, please contact us via Mail or by calling us (732) 320-9500.

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