Garage Door Springs & Prices

Garage Door Springs & Prices

“How much you charge to replace a garage door spring?” – I assume it is the most common question our company is dealing on a daily base. It’s like asking a mechanic how much he charges to fix a car. Of Course, it depends on the type of car and what need to be done to make it drive again. Same with garage door springs.

First, let’s understand what you need.

Are you sure it is only a broken spring? If we quote a price over the phone, based on what we were told over the phone,  in some cases, we may get to the customer location and find it all different than what we have told. If you ask us for a price, we will quote it base on what we think it should cost based on what you said and as long as it is what you said – it will be the price.

Residential Doors

Residential garage doors mostly work with two different sets of springs – I won’t get into sizes but will explain the differences:

Extension springs: Mostly being used on a single car garage (9×7) and can also be found on two car garages (16×7). Some doors use as one pair on each side, and some have two pairs on each side. The sizes of the spring itself can be different on each way.

A reasonable price for extension spring replacement should start around $80 (per spring). Our price quote over the phone will be anywhere from $80-$125. Of Course, we include the labor and the safety cables into that price. In some cases, mostly if the door is in custom sizes or double size, the prices per spring will be higher.

Torsion Springs: Most will found on heavy doors, such as Wood doors or double size doors. A torsion spring isn’t get extended like the extension one, but instead working with a straight bar who get torsion while working. The spring is working under a high tension and massive energy.

It will be impossible to quote a price for a torsion spring over the phone, simply because there are so many different sizes and shapes. Our starting price will be $149 and up.

Important information before replacing garage door springs

A wrong size of spring may affect the way your door is operating, may also cause damage to the opener, but most important – It risks your life. When you do it with a professional company, you promise yourself, other than long life operation of the springs, a safety installation, and proper functioning of the door.

If you wish to contact our company for more information, please press here to be direct to contact page.

How to maintain garage door springs?

If you wish to maintain your garage door springs and to help prevent a failure or even a broken spring, we found a great short clip, from youtube – where you can surely find useful tips for DIY.

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